Please note that at this time only our Philadelphia (FAP-Central) and Wyncote (FAP-North) locations are open.  We hope to return to the MainLine in Fall of 2021.  Although we offer a Beginner Intensive at August training camps there is no beginner session in July-August.

You can apply for membership to the FAP website when you have begun classes. Membership to the website is not registration for classes or membership to FAP, nor is it membership in USA Fencing (required for membership to both the club and the website). 

Beginner Class: 1 hr

Beginner class teaches the basics of fencing movement, timing and distance. It does not matter what you do with your weapon if you are not at the right place at the right time.
​In this class we focus on gaining the leg strength and gross motor foundation for future combat along with tactical maneuvering skills because you can’t hit what you can’t catch!
​Special lightweight beginner equipment is supplied during this stage. The $450 tuition includes group instruction for two months, come up to 3x weekly.

Intermediate Class: 1.5 hrs

As an Intermediate you learn how to handle a steel weapon. You learn and practice blade skills with a partner along with a review of maneuvering skills learned in beginner class. You are taught to hit correctly before being permitted to actually hit someone else.
​Drills are cooperative as you and your partner practice attacking and defending with previously learned skills. The Intermediate Session is $250 per month, come up to 3x weekly.

EQUIPMENT: Intermediates need their own glove, mask & practice foil
​Equipment is available for purchase at FAP’s Pro-Shop.

Novice Class: 2 hrs

Integrate previously learned footwork and bladework skills of the previous levels, with practice bouting included in the class.

This class introduces use of the electric scoring equipment and the other two weapons, epee and saber. You will learn rules of competition and will be expected to attend a local novice event with other new fencers. The novice session is $250 per month, come up to 3x weekly.

EQUIPMENT: Novice fencers need full fencing uniform and should start acquiring personal scoring equipment as soon as their primary weapon discipline is chosen.
Advanced fencers may join the Fencing Academy as dues paying members for greater training benefits and member discounts on camps, private lessons and tournament coaching.


  • Adult: $90 (instruction not included)
  • Student/Retiree/ Armed Services Veteran: $80 (instruction not included)
  • Electric: $250 (group instruction, any private lesson additional cost*)
  • Competitor: $260 (group instruction + weekly 10-15 minute private lesson)
  • Elite :  $350 (unlimited group instruction, two private or semi-private lessons weekly, one half hour lesson weekly, bag storage, chaperone fee, personalized training direction).

Other Fees

  • Bag storage (at your own risk): $10 monthly
  • Tournament Coaching fees:  $275 per day, per coach, divided among the number of competitors per day (includes coach travel days to and from the event)
  • Coaching Travel expenses :   $$-$$$ (mileage, flight, hotel)  divided among the number of competitors for the tournament
  • Chaperone fee : $85 for minor athletes traveling under the supervision of a coach

Private Lessons

Please note that you may always take as many private lessons as you have the time and budget for.

  • *Member Class lesson:  $30 (Electric or Competitor only; 10-15 minutes given only during scheduled classes)
  • ½ hour Member lesson from Staff Coach :  $40 Non-Member $65
  • ½ hour Member lesson from Fencing Master: $50 Non-Member $75


Constant repetition is the most important part of motor learning so all classes continue to review previous skills while introducing new skill challenges and tactical development.​

You will go from beginner to competitor, joining FAP as a member,
attending group instruction or taking private lessons during
open bouting training and going to USA Fencing tournaments to test your skills.

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