Welcome to Kaffe’s Korner!!

Princess Pretty Paws

Hi! I’m Kaffe (AKA, “Princess Pretty Paws”), FAP’s official mascot, official greeter, and general supervisor. I help my mom, Lara Masters, at FAP North with really important stuff, like showing everybody how pretty and well-behaved I am,  giving our younger fencers (some grown-ups, too) puppy time,  and I even perform critical coaching duties ( ok I really just give lots of free kisses and show everybody how to be mellow).


I asked my mom if I could help out with the website and she let mne have my own page! So send me your questions about fencing,  fitness, FAP, nutrition and the like.  I will pick the best questions and  post the answers on this page.  Just remember to play nice and be patient. I look forward to hearing from you .


puppy time, prettydog Send your questions, pictures, etc., to: