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Welcome to FAP

The Fencing Academy of Philadelphia, founded in 1989, teaches the modern sport of Olympic fencing, open to all ages, with classes after school, evenings and weekends. All of our instructors are certified. Due to its unique combination of fine and gross motor skills, many find the challenge of integrating those skills into the tactical demands of actual, full contact combat intriguing and satisfying way of staying mentally and physically fit. Training at FAP makes that process fun and effective.

Fencing is a true lifetime sport, one of the safest sports there is, and one that can be enjoyed at all skill levels. Each of the three weapons in modern fencing – foil, epee, and saber – have distinct qualities of personality as well as specific rules and allowable targets that apply.

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Why Fencing?

fencing warmupMore than the physical attributes of speed, power, strength, balance, agility and endurance, fencing training enhances mental skills: concentration, determination, tactical thinking, pattern analysis, decision making and the courage to act; all of these are developed during training and under competitive pressure.A fencer is not just a physical athlete; speed and strength mean little if you don’t choose the correct moment to act.

A less physically gifted fencer can defeat a bigger, stronger opponent with superior tactical thinking. FAP’s training program is designed to systematically develop all the necessary qualities for a beginner to become a champion: in life and fencing.

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What Makes Us Special?

All of our coaches are certified in teaching the sport of fencing, not by just the national governing body, but also the national coaching association  of fencing.

We have classes for adults & children ages 8-80

You can also take private lessons, participate in open bouting and summer camps –we even do special events — have your  birthday party here!

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